viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017


Eva Stanford celebrated her thirtieth birthday with her two best friends. She loved her life, her family and her work. Her dream was to be able to run a pastry shop someday. She studied and worked hard to get it, she was almost about achieving it.

But for a year now she felt overwhelmed.

Her nights were agitated by strange repetitive nightmares. A phenomenon that did not leave her alone. A woman appeared to her asking for help. It frightened her and made her nervous, but at the same time the desperation of that woman shocked her. They were just nightmares, right? But what if they were not? How could she help her? Why did she dream about her? It did not make sense.

Eva decided to make a wish . . . And to her great surprise, it was fulfilled. The course of her life would change drastically by trying to help a repentant ghost, who sought the forgiveness of her family.

Can perseverance and courage bring her to fulfill her mission?

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