martes, 10 de mayo de 2016

Soon available on all digital platforms

Soon available on all digital platforms


There’s a saying that goes: “Where there’s smoke, there was fire.” Well, in my case it would be: «Where there was love, pain and deceit, only hate can be left.» Yes, because I hated him with all my being and that would never change. My nightmare had come back, and how! A direct order from the president of the United States himself forced me to coexist twenty four seven with him, and very closely. I was given this diary as a gift to help me express my feelings, and because it was a healthy way for me to relieve and let out all that hate I felt, once I almost killed a person… Well, I would rather tell you from the beginning. My name is Isabella Farrell, I am a federal agent. My mission is: to «protect the man I hate the most». 
Difficult, isn’t it? It all started years ago…

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